“ We are all scared of this, so what are we really scared of?”


Have you ever felt like an outsider? Like people can’t really “place” you?  I often feel like I could belong everywhere but also nowhere in this world. Could this be because of my mixed cultural background, my femininity in a patriarchal system or even my neurodiversity?


“I often..I often hate being different…”


What started out as a search for what it means to belong and the need for  human connection turned into a collaborative and immersive performance. The production includes personal stories from the players and director on prejudice, feelings of not belonging and political discussions surrounding identity.


In “In het midden van het midden, van het midden, van het midden, van het midden….” the players invite you to journey with them through the loop of breaking free from social and cultural expectations. Because if we're all afraid of the same thing, what are we really afraid of?


*No Dutch? No worries! The performance is in English.

For both performances there will be a after talk with director & cast. 



Concept: Nathania Velasquez | Director: Nathania Velasquez | Director’s Assistant: Celene Cornelia | Coaching & Advice: Natalia Rogalski | Players: Nina Ashley Bach, Yasmin Behar, Elias Paris | Text & Script: Maya Graser,Celene Cornelia, Nathania Velasquez | Music Composer: Leo Lehtinen | Sound Engineer: Mick van Broekhoven | Lighting Design: InlightDesign - Nienke Krikke | Stage Design: Spatial Motion - Iris Erkelens | Photography: Steven Pieternella | Moderator: Juan Pablo Aguirre Broca | Emotional support, strategy & research: Shirley Velasquez-Meye, Luzmari Del Valle Velasquez, Shee, Andrew Dijkhoff | Special thanks to: Yolanda van Welij, Kim Kortekaas, Haags Theaterhuis, Theater De Vaillant & Gemeente Den Haag

*This production was made possible through the Makersregeling of Gemeente Den Haag.


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